The Service Community is made up of people interested in finding out more about the service industry from its participants. The Service Community aims to provide opportunities to find out what practices have worked for others, and what hasn’t worked, and why; to move away from the theory of what could be done by examining what others do and evaluate successful practices. Meetings (no fee is charged) will aim to provide content which doesn’t appear to be readily available, and to stimulate and inform in a format that is easy to access and use, and relevant to the user.” – Steve Downton

Founded by the late Steve Downton, The Service Community is a non-profit organisation that seeks to drive service improvements and innovation through collaboration. Run by service professionals for service professionals The Service Community runs a series of events across the year with expert presentations from some of the UKs leading service professionals  from a wide array of industries. Recent speakers include:

  • Mark Rawding, Coca-Cola Enterprises
  • Andy Beer, Pitney Bowes
  • Martin Gilday, Elekta
  • Martin Summerhayes, Fujitsu
  • Graham Coyne, Siemans
  • Professor Tim Baines, Aston University
  • Des Evans: Ex MAN CEO
  • Dr Veronica Martinez: Cambridge University
  • John Pritchard: MAC solutions
  • Chris Farnath: Allocate Software

Attendance is free for all Service Professionals and each event is not only a fantastic opportunity to hear of best-practices from leading industry professionals but also to network with other service professionals across the day also.