12th May at Cranfield: A great ‘Virtual Reality’ experience

Thank you to Cranfield University who hosted our latest event at their Virtual/Augmented reality lab. There was not a chair spare as over 30 services professionals heard and discussed 4 great topics.

First up was Dr Howard Lightfoot, co-author of ‘Made to Serve’ and expert in Servitization. He gave us a series of insights from his research as to how leading companies are adopting service led business models, and how augmented/virtual reality technology has the capability to contribute to the development of the Field Service business. Download his presentation here Servitization

Ian Cockett, Product Director from Cygnet Texkimp shared his transformation journey over the past 2 years. This was a classic SC experience, where a very experienced professional shared his experiences, warts and all, in how to transform a business. It is not often one gets a chance to have a candid discussion on the reality of business change, and everyone in the audience took away a few golden nuggets from this discussion. Download his presentation here: Ian Cockett – Service Community 1

Then Chris Farnath Customer Success Director from Allocate Software opened our eyes to a new way of looking at service based business models. Usually hosting our community events, Chris now presenter, spoke about his current challenge of creating a Customer Success organisation within his business. Again we were all privileged to gain a candid insight into how a software businesses is redefining its goals, organisation and culture around Customer Success. For all of us with a Product background, for sure we received a major insight into the future thinking that will start to permeate through even the most sophisticated ‘servitized’ customer experienced oriented businesses. Download his presentation here: Creating A Customer Success Culture TSC 12 May 2016 – Share Version

And then Colin Brown, MD of Tesseract told his own personal story of how technology has enabled the development of Software as a Service and the impact it has had on his business. It is unusual to have the chance to hear from an entrepreneur, how they chose their path to monetize technology. As Steve Jobs once said,”Start with the Customer Experience and work back to the technology”. Well Colin gave us a deep insight how to do this and the bit of ‘magic’ it takes to create value for the customer. Colin’s slides can be downloaded here:saas2016

And finally we were treated to a demonstration by Sam Court from Cranfield, as to the potential Augmented and Virtual reality technologies can bring to the service and support business. The power of the technology available in todays tablets and mobile devices is mind blowing. But it will take more than just technology. Companies have to build into their product design the knowledge management processes that can enable augmented reality to fundamentally change how service is delivered.

So thank you to all that contributed to this event. Our next meeting will be part of the Servitization Conference to be held in Birmingham on the 18th October. The Service Community together with the Aston Business School, and The Manufacturer will be holding probably the biggest event of the year for those wanting to share ideas on how to shift from Product to Service Thinking. More to follow.