Additional Workshop added to 19th April Event at Cambridge University

We are very pleased to announce an additional workshop to our event on the 19th April, hosted by the Cambridge Alliance which is part of the IfM, Cambridge University.

To register for this additional workshop, let us know on

Workshop title: Map your business ecosystem to see opportunities and gaps in your service strategy

Time: 10.30am – mid-day (Arrive from 10am for refreshments)

Description: What works for one business will not work for another as every company is unique, has unique customers and operates in a unique business ecosystem. They key is to understand and explore the relationships within your ecosystem and to then use this knowledge to leverage it to your advantage. This workshop will explore the importance of your business ecosystem and why it’s vital for maintaining competitive advantage, value creation and service delivery. You’ll be able to reflect on the organisations within your ecosystem – your partners, customers, alliances and other organisations that you work with to co-create value. Through understanding your business ecosystem, you will be able to then identify ways to create and capture new value, including opportunities to leverage digital information and technologies as well as create new and disruptive business models.

Workshop lead

Dr Florian Urmetzer, Senior Research Associate, Cambridge Service Alliance