Great discussions at Konica Minolta from Service excellence to contracts and Brexit

It was great to see such an excellent attendance at the Service Community event held at Konica Minolta Business Solutions Central London offices on the 17th October 2017.

Our host Ged Cranny, Head of Direct Services at Konica Minolta kicked off the event and spoke about his personal experiences in developing a high performance service organisation.  Over the past 10 years, he has focused on 3 key areas, which when combined have enabled the UK team to be a benchmark within their global business

  • Processes: A key element of the ground work has been to standardise processes around industrial benchmark’s using the ITIL standard
  • Technology:  has been introduced to ensure greater transparency of data.  An emphasis has been made to involve Konica people in Technology decisions to ensure that at all times it is relevant to their jobs.
  • People: A huge investment has been in people and especially capabilities. The organisation uses assessment centres to enhance skills and so provide career paths for service technicians and managers alike.  Where ever possible rewards are linked to KPI’s targeted at ensuring the organisation achieves the desired levels of quality.  This has allowed the service organisation to almost double the productivity of its service technicians.

Ged also shared some of the dashboards that he has implemented in his organisation. These have proved extremely effective at getting the attention of Customers’ as well as improving the effectiveness of the organisation. For anyone wanting to see examples of his dashboards, Ged can be contacted at

Richard Russel, an independent expert in Service Contracting, gave a fascinating presentation on the role of the contract in a service business. Most contracts go wrong for reasons such as changes in scope, acceptance process, over commitment on deliverables and change management. Yet in the contract negotiation frequently all parties focus on discussing the penalties, most of which are fairly standard in UK law. It was his very strong guidance that partners are better to focus on how the contract will operate and in particular the process to deal with change and disagreement. The discussion also looked at negotiations where he advised to focus on positions and not interests, so making it easier to find common ground. Richards presentation can be down loaded 2017-10-17_RxR_FfP Contracts & Relationships_Service Community here and he can be contacted through

Christian Nolte, Vice-President of Service Excellence at Diebold Nixdorf shared his experiences of how to build a global service organisation, which has allowed the business to be Service led, Software enabled and built on systems that solve customers cash management problems. It was interesting that the basic ground work that Christian employed was also to map the business processes using the ITIL standard. A maturity analysis of the service business was undertaken to identify the current state, but most importantly to identify the desired TO BE state for the new organisation. This allowed specific action plans to be developed by region.  He showed how the organisational ‘blue-print’ was created and illustrated how a ‘Customer Success’ function champions the customers need across the organisational silos so ensuring customer centricity.

And finally John Burn, Advisor at Hennik Edge led a fascinating discussion on the impact that Brexit could have on UK Service Organisations. The results of the discussion can be downloaded through this link  181018 The Service Community – Navigating your way through Brexit. The participants generally concluded that their concerns lay around:

  • Frictions in customs and excise adding administrative costs so impacting competiveness
  • Impact of people, especially technical talent availability and the ability to deploy them either in or outside the UK
  • Legal barrier and regulation and its impact on freedom of movement

If you are interested on Brexit , then you can contact John Burn at  or if you are interested in attending a CEO (invite only) meeting on Servitization, you can sign up to the ‘The Manufacturers Leaders Conference and the Smart Factory Expo to be held in November, using this link

Once again thank you to all attendees and presenters, and especially Konica Minolta for being such a great hosts.