Next event 18th October as part of the Servitization Conference 2016

The Service Community is proud to be co-hosting Servitization 2016 Conference to be held in Birmingham 18th October. Run by ‘The Manufacturer’ in association with The Aston Business School, this conference will be one of the largest events of its kind in recent years in the UK. See this link for details

The Service Community is facilitating one of the streams themed  ‘Service Transformation – real stories from industry experts‘ . We will ensure  the normal relaxed and informal discussion format, so that you can get the most value from the speakers experiences. The other stream will be managed by the Advanced Services Group from Aston. Community members are free to attend which ever streams & presentations are most relevant to them. The normal event price is £495, but members can get a 100% discount by contacting us on our email: . We will then send you a promotion code that will allow free registration through the conference site

Service Community Stream speakers and topics

Finding new value from products through services 
Rob Burgess, Service Manager will tell the story of how the worlds leading manufacturer of roulette wheels, added sensors and connectivity to its products to transform its offer into a gaming platform service, designed to allow Casino’s to maximise their revenue and margins.
Selling services in a product focused business
Graeme Coyne, Business Development Manager at Siemens Industrial will describe how he overcomes the challenge of selling services in a company that is largely focussed on products & technology
The Art of Service Transformation
Jean-Marc Rommes, Catalyst and Organisational change specialist, will share his many experiences of driving change  in organisations large and small. Understanding how to achieve change through ‘irrational’ people is the key to any service transformation journey.
We look forward to seeing you at what promises to be a great conference