Read about our Renishaw Event (2nd April 2019) & Download presentations

The Service Community Event at the impressive Renishaw Innovation Centre in the glorious Cotswold proved to be another great success with a huge amount of energy being generated in the various discussions and presentations. Over 35 Service professional were welcomed to the Renishaw Innovation Centre by our hosts Martin Carr, Group Service Manager and Diane Nichols, Service Development Manager.

We first spent time in the Renishaw Innovation Centre, understanding the different types of business and technologies they operate(as well as the futuristic Gromit made by their apprentices and packed with all sort of technology and advanced analytics).

The tour and explanation set up the rest of the morning in which we split into two smaller groups to hear how Renishaw has tackled two classic service business challenges.

  1. Busting Organisational Silos
  2. Bridging the IT Solutions Gap through change

Diane and Martin gave us their personal  perspectives, which then set  up a  lively discussions as participants shared their own experiences. Martin and Diane’s presentation can be down loaded here.

Bridging the IT Gap

Breaking down silos

The summary of the discussions by the Service Community facilitators who ran the sessions can be found in the flipchart and the attached download.  Bridging the IT Solutions Gap through change

After lunch, Chris Raddat’s from Liverpool University gave us an overview of the key drivers for Service led growth. We then split into smaller groups of 3-6 people to discuss 3 questions he posed us:

a) What are the key processes, organisational structures and practices utilised by manufacturers engaging in services-led growth?

b) How the emergence of new service offerings impacts the provision of existing product offerings?

c) The role of relationships in the innovation and diffusion of services?

We wrapped up the discussion with a larger plenary session to allow the sharing of thoughts and experiences. You can download Chris’s presentation and an excellent report based on in-depth interviews and discussions with four leading UK Industrial businesses.

Service Community event 020419

Servitization management report Service Community

The final presentation was from Max Schnippering, Customer Segment Manager at Heidelberg. Max explained to us how this global leader in the digital printing industry, with an already a very successful service business, is starting the journey to delivering outcome based subscription services.  Not many equipment manufacturers have been brave or capable enough to move this far, so it was a unique chance to hear from a highly expert company on the real impact of digital technology on achieving ambitious service business growth. Max very clearly defined the business challenge that Heidelberg faces and how services will increase growth in a flat to declining equipment market. He also gave us an insight into the infrastructure and mindset transformations that go hand in hand with this discussion. In particular how digital technologies have been used to turn data into a strategic asset by enabling deeper insight into equipment utilisation, as well as a central hub for offering new services to their customers. He brought to life what it means to be able to offer a subscription service to both customer and OEM as well as well as the terminology we hear all the time such as outcome based services, cloud and ecosystems.  Max’s inspiring presentation can be downloaded here, and we thank him for making the trip from his German Office.

2019-04-02_UK Service Community_Schnippering

The event feedback has been excellent with ratings of 90-100%. Attendees are really enjoying the discussions, and we will try to make sure that time is best utilised for discussion and networking. Our next event in the October / November time frame will be announced shortly. If you are interested in contributing a presentation, have particular topics of interest, or would like to host an event, please do not hesitate to contact us at

An excellent turnout for this event in Gloucestershire:

Martin Carr leading a smaller breakout session on how he has approached Busting Silo’s

Service Community facilitator Adrian Botham summarising one of the breakout sessions to an attentive audience